existing websites. updates and maintenance.

Your company may have an already existing website, but needs some updates or changes made to it without wanting to re-do the site completely.

Updates to a site may include replacing some older text and images with fresh materials (new testimonials, photos of current projects or recently launched products are always a great way of adding fresh content to a site).

One other example we see frequently would be to make the site more mobile friendly to accommodate the increasing numbers of mobile visitors to your site. In order to accomplish this, we review your site and create a solution that either integrates directly or runs parallel to your site depending on the existing website.

Adding a blog to an existing website is a tool we also often use to get fresh content (on a regular basis) on a website. It not only increases your credibility by providing valuable content for the reader, but can also help with SEO (search engine optimization).

Website “renovation projects” can often extend the life-span of an existing site, while improving its efficiency.