web hosting

Web hosting gives your website a home on the Internet.

When you are hosting with us, your website will be on our virtual server located in a closed, private data center facility with CCTV surveillance and biometric access control, fault-tolerant power redundancy with powerful industrial-class generators and 24/7 monitoring with technical staff on premises at all times.

When you choose to work with us for your design and hosting, you only have one company to talk to. There is no back and forth with a separate hosting company on who should deal with what issues or problems once your site is up and running and it allows us much larger control of the environment of your website to make sure everything goes smooth.

Although most of our clients host with us when we design a new website for them, we don’t have to do the design for you to host with us. We have clients who were looking for a new home for their website(s) because they were unhappy with their current hosts and were looking for a better solution for them. We also have clients who have sites developed and hosted with us and then also moved hosting of some of their previously existing sites to us and/or have us set up “blank” sites (for WordPress for example) which they are working on themselves for some lower budget projects. We have a special installer service called Installatron for projects like that which allows us or you to efficiently set up many popular web applications into your space and that has a very cool “Backup and Upgrade” feature that allows you to make a backup before updating the application so you can easily roll it back if something didn’t work. This would require extra work and/or plug-ins with most if not all applications with many other hosts.

As part of being a one-stop solution, we offer domain name registration services and SSL security certificates with installation and name server services as well.
Domain names we offer include several top level domain registrations like .ca, .com, .net, .biz, .org, .info, .com.de and .pw. If you are interested in others, just let us know and we’ll work on it for you.

Our SSL certificate solutions, which are used to secure your websites and control panels, start at basic coverage securing logins for WordPress, Joomla and others up to the same level banks use for their protection. Talk to us to find a solution that matches your needs.

All of our plans include encrypted FTP access to your site through FTPeS/FTPS to make sure that nobody can get your access information when you are working with FTP on an open WiFi hotspot like at a cafe, restaurant or hotel.

We also offer the ability to connect your e-mail program to our server through an encrypted connection so no one can read your e-mails or get your log-in information when you work with your e-mail at an open WiFi hotspot like at a cafe, restaurant or hotel.
And speaking of e-mails: our services are set up to help you (auto-)configure many e-mail clients for a quick setup.

To keep you working at peak efficiency with your e-mails, we have added a special spam filtering solution – the basic/standard one included with cPanel on most hoster’s servers wasn’t good enough for us.

The solution we use filters out a large amount of spam before it even hits your inbox and it also gives you easy access to a “probable spam” category to make sure you don’t miss any important e-mails just because they may look like spam. The advanced spam filtering is currently included at no extra charge with our hosting plans. We selected this solution in great part because of its extremely low “false positive” count. We’d rather manually delete an extra spam e-mail than not receiving an important e-mail we are waiting for. Our solution filters out thousands of spam messages and viruses every month before they can reach our customers.

We love technology and yes, we actually get excited when we discover tools like innovative spam filters or back-up and upgrade utilities. We understand that you may not get as excited about these things as we do, but just know that we’ll be out there looking for technology solutions that keep your websites running smooth and allow you to concentrate on growing your business.