Print is what connects your online and offline marketing. With all the technology available, print is still very relevant in today’s marketing strategy.

Your marketing collateral are the print materials in your company that you are using to support the marketing and sales process.

Your print materials should be branded with your corporate identity that your clients and prospects can recognize and connect with and you should have a clear strategy of what your print pieces should accomplish. For example: Do you want the reader to go to your website for more information? Do you want the reader to call directly to buy from you?

We work with you on the development of these materials, including content creation and design as well as the choice of the right production channel (offset printing or digital printing), the print production and distribution.

There is an old saying “you only have one chance to make a first impression” and your print marketing certainly falls into this category – it’s often one of the first points of contact for a prospect with your company and you want to make sure the impression it leaves is the right one – professional, targeted and leading towards the sale.

Your offline marketing collateral is only “one piece of the puzzle” in your marketing efforts and we help you ensure that the branding and messaging is congruent with all other pieces such as your website, social media and email campaigns.

Why are we passionate about printing and print marketing? We know it works! Having owned one of Kelowna’s leading print company for over 18 years, we are able to work with you on your day-to-day print marketing (such as business cards, flyers, rack cards or posters) as well as your direct mail marketing print projects (which we call your “secret weapon” when it comes to marketing).




Did you know…


56% of customers perceived print marketing as the most trustworthy amongst other avenues of marketing. (AllianceBusinessServices)

39% of people tried a business for the first time because of direct mail advertising.(AllianceBusinessServices)

82% of internet users trust print advertising when making purchasing decisions. (WebStrategies)


7 out of 10 consumers make buying decision when they are commuting. (FitSmallBusiness)

85% of customers living within a 5-mile radius of a business will see a business sign 50-60 times a month. (BrandonGaille)

76% of American customers walked in on a new business simply because of its signage. (FedEx)


72% of people judge a business from their cards. (DigitalDoughnut)

27 million business cards are printed daily. (CreditDonkey)

The world’s most expensive business card, Black Astrum Signature Card, cost $1,500 per card. (CreditDonkey)

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