When you think about your brand, don’t just think about the “visual brand” – the logo (and the colours and fonts that go with it – and we can certainly help you with that as well!). What’s equally important is your brand story… who you are, your values – and the difference you make. Your brand story allows you to create an emotional connection with your audience.

We work with you to shape your brand story by asking critical questions and guiding you through the story writing process.

Storytelling is all a key element for brands in communication today – but you need to tell the right story; one that builds trust and creates an emotional connection. Your brand story should not be about how wonderful your brand is or how important you are… no, your brand story needs to tell the story about what you do for your clients, how you solve their problems, how you change their lives.


Here is the (very) basic outline to creating a powerful brand story:

  • The problem (what are your clients struggling with)

  • What’s in it for them to seek help from you?

  • How can you guide them and assist them in solving their problem?

  • What will be the consequence of not seeking your help?

  • What difference will that solution make in their life/family/business/organization?

Above all, your brand story must be authentic – tell the truth; in your own words, in your own voice.

You care tremendously about you clients; most likely you have started your business to solve a problem, you may have build your services around that, you may even have invented a product to solve a problem. That genuine care to solve a problem for your clients is what needs to be heard in your brand story. When you can answer the “what’s in it for me” question for your clients, you will have an exceptional brand story.

 Make your brand story matter.