Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Connecting 🧠 Head & ❤️ Heart in Leadership

Being a leader in a company is hugely rewarding, and most business owners we talk to wouldn’t trade it in for the world (I wouldn’t either!). But it comes at a price. As a business leader, we often try to live up to the expectation of looking like we “have it all together, all the time”. The reality, however, looks like this: long hours, personal sacrifices, responsibility, performance pressure… and not really many people to talk to about it.

Over the years, I have heard phrases like “check your emotions at the door” or “just leave the emotions out of it”. Easy advice. However, we are human, and as such, our emotions, behaviours and beliefs are closely connected. Acknowledging this doesn’t makes us weak, on the contrary, it makes us powerful leaders. 

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a key component to success in life and business. 

Our lives and businesses change with the choice to connect to both our head and heart in all we do. It no longer is about the journey between them, or choosing one over the other, but rather becomes about the synergy between them.

When we apply that to business and leadership, we can create outcomes that are both rewarding for our business, and at the same time have a positive impact on our community and the people in it.

Our executive personal development coaching, focusing on emotional intelligence (EI) is a big part of our business coaching.

Authentic leadership, connecting head and heart and anchored in values, is the foundation on which a brand can thrive. From there, innovation, team engagement, high calibre product/service development, and customer-centric business growth can progress. With a concurrent focus on purpose and profit.

Depending on where you are located, our coaching sessions will be at your Kelowna office or via online meetings.

In our executive personal development coaching we work with you on:

  • Understanding of emotional intelligence (EI)
  • Discussion of your business & personal development goals
  • What’s working/What’s not working
  • Your strengths & weaknesses
  • Understanding how your emotions and beliefs drive your actions
  • Understanding the story you tell yourself & reframing a new story
  • Commitments to doing it differently
  • Implementation and accountability coaching to ensure that strategies are met with action to regularly work towards set goals
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What do you want? 

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What’s holding you back?

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What are you willing to do?

Phone, text and email support is available between coaching sessions. Think of it like micro-coaching, little connections where we can check in as you need it, because life and business (and its challenges) don’t run on a set schedule.