marketing coaching & consulting.

Tactical actions are critical to the growth of your business, but it is just as important to spend time on your strategy for growth. By reviewing your vision and goals for your company and creating a roadmap, we can work with you to create an action plan for your growth and marketing that is realistic and can be followed to move your company forward.

Our business coaching and consulting sessions are designed to help you grown your business on an ongoing basis.

We work with you:

  • Discussion of your business growth strategies
  • Breaking down “Big Goals” into concrete action steps
  • Your Business Growth Action Plan:
    – Tactical steps to be implemented with firm timelines
    – Assignment of tasks
  • Setting and periodic review of sales & business growth goals
  • Review of business growth actions of previous sessions and assessment of their effectiveness
  • Implementation and accountability coaching to ensure that strategies are met with action to regularly work towards set goals
  • Development & updating of a marketing plan and seasonal calendar
    – Online marketing strategies
    – Offline marketing strategies
    – In-Person marketing strategies

There are three main areas we focus on during our business coaching and consulting sessions:

  • Focus
  • Strategy
  • Accountability

We will discuss which areas in your business’ marketing and growth actions that need attention.

We assist you in creating an action plan for change, growth and success. Each session will end with a “next steps” outline.

Making commitments for actions is not enough – follow through is needed. Every coaching session begins with a check-in on the progress of the “next steps” from the last session.
During our coaching & consulting sessions we work with you to bring your “elephants in the room” (the challenges that are holding you back) into the spotlight, review what impact they currently have on your business, and create strategies to move you forward. Making the shift to dealing with any challenges in a pro-active way instead of being re-active is crucial, so that when the next “elephant” shows up (and they will in any business) you will have the tools and confidence to face them head-on.

Phone and email support is available between coaching & consulting sessions.

Our business coaching and consulting clients also have the option to include tactical time in their packages (which can be used for a variety of tactical fulfillment including social media posts, website updates, print collateral development and design as well as technical help).