marketing services

For many small business owners, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the marketing strategies and tactics you should engage in. But marketing doesn’t need to be complicated, overwhelming or take over your life.

Simply put, marketing is the process of communicating the value of your product or service to existing and future customers.

There are many different marketing channels to choose from to grow your business – online marketing including your website, blogs, video marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing; and offline marketing including printing and direct mail.

When we have discussions with you about the types of marketing that will be successful for your company, our focus will be on cross media marketing campaigns – connecting your online marketing and offline marketing efforts. As an example an event promotion will be much more successful when it includes both online and offline tactics such as a direct mail piece, an email invitation and a follow up phone call compared to only utilizing only one of these strategies.

We work with you to create effective and results based marketing strategies and campaigns that include online and/or offline marketing tactics as best suited for your business and objectives. We will not only discuss what options are suitable for your budget, but also what will be sustainable tactics for you. For example, if you choose to write a blog (yes, that is something we highly recommend – it builds your credibility and helps with the SEO of your online presence), we work with you on a publishing schedule that can be maintained. This may be weekly, bi-monthly or even monthly depending on what you are able to commit to. Our focus is always to set you up for success!

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